Dr. Achilles Thoma Biosketch

Dr. Achilles Thoma was born in Cyprus in 1950 and immigrated to Canada in 1966. Dr. Thoma received his Bachelor of Science in 1974, and his Doctorate of Medicine in 1976, both from McMaster University. In 1980, Dr. Thoma graduated from the McMaster Plastic Surgery program. He completed a fellowship in Head and Neck surgery in 1981, followed by a fellowship in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery in Louisville, Kentucky, USA in 1982; this fellowship was funded by the McLaughlin scholarship. 

Dr. Thoma returned back to Hamilton from Kentucky in 1983 and established the Head and Neck Microsurgery Service and the Training Microsurgery Lab at St.Joseph’s Hospital.  Since then he has served as the Head of Service in plastic surgery at St.Joseph’s Hospital for 14 years, Program Directory for plastic surgery at McMaster on two separate occasions, and was the Division head for 15 years. Additionally, he was past president of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons; he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from the society in 2016. In 2019 he was awarded the Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Career Researcher Award by the ASPS/PSF.

Presently, Dr. Thoma is an active staff member at St.Joseph’s hospital and a clinical professor of surgery at McMaster University. He is on the editorial board for a number of plastic surgery journals, including the Evidence-Based Medicine HUB for the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Dr. Thoma also served as the Director of the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOURCE) from McMaster University until 2019. He and the SOURCE members have run 18 workshops since 2002, three of which were hosted in Saudi Arabia. His current research focus is on evidence-based surgery, quality of life in hand and breast surgery procedures, and cost-effectiveness analysis in breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. As of May 2020, Dr.Thoma has over 200 publications, and he is the lead editor of the textbook: Evidence-Based Surgery: A guide to understanding and interpreting the surgical literature,  published in 2019.