June 21


June 21, 18:40ET
Canadian Expert
Dr. Douglas Ross
London, ON

Medical education in general, and the training of surgeons in particular has undergone a paradigm shift from the Halstedtian apprenticeship model that carried us through the 20th century to a competency based system of learning and assessment.  Internationally, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada has been a world leader in designing and implementing competency based training with its own branded version: “Competency by Design”  (CBD).  Plastic Surgery in Canada has been preparing for this change and our first cohort of CBD residents entered training in July, 2020.  In this talk, I will outline the history of surgical training over the past 125 years, the forces driving a change to CBD, the advantages of a CBME training curriculum, the work completed by the Specialty Committee to prepare for our launch and the challenges that still lay ahead.


By the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the underlying reasons to change surgical training in Canada to a competency based system, and
  • Understand how CBD will enhance Plastic Surgery training in Canada.